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Issue 3 - Download Now!!!

Issue 3 of Fish Fingers and Custard can now be downloaded.  And apart from the snazzy snowy font, this 44-page PDF file contains the following:

  • Interviews with the Absolute David Tennant Fangirls
  • Drunken Adventures At A Convention – Says it all
  • The Sarah (Jane) Awards
  • Stageplays Overview – An Overview of the Doctor Who Stageplays, obviously
  • Computer Games Overview – An Overview of Doctor Who computer games, obviously
  • The Doctor vs. Edward Cullen – A Fight For A Girl's Attentions

And much more!

You can download it from here

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Issue 3 - OUT NOW!!!

We would say that this Issue would make a perfect Christmas present for any loved one. But it’s homemade, put together by a bumbling, barely-educated simpleton and posted out in cheap envelopes. It’s also very well written too!

So yes, we can say that a copy of Fish Custard Fanzine Issue 3 is the perfect present for any (over 15) Doctor Who fan this Christmas!

In this snow-filled, beer-stained, turkey-stuffed Issue of Fish Custard, we have the following,

  • Interviews with the Absolute David Tennant Fangirls
  • Drunken Adventures At A Convention – Says it all
  • The Sarah (Jane) Awards
  • Stageplays Overview – An Overview of the Doctor Who Stageplays, obviously
  • Computer Games Overview – An Overview of Doctor Who computer games, obviously
  • The Doctor vs. Edward Cullen – A Fight For A Girl's Attentions

And much more!

To order a paper copy just send the below payment that applies to you, via paypal, as a gift to

UK - £2.00

Rest of the World - £3.00

If you’re tight and are waiting for the download, it’ll be out soon. But if you would like to show your appreciation you can donate to our charity, KidsOut, by visiting . You don’t have to, but anything you can push our way, will make us feel really happy and will help a worthy cause at the same time!



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The Doctor and The Elf - Free Christmas Short Story Download!

Issue 3 will be released very soon!  In the meantime, here is an exclusive short, short story to celebrate our Christmas issue - The Doctor and The Elf!

Starring the 6th Doctor and Peri, as they find themselves, bickering to save the world.  That's all I'm saying, because any more will spoil it!  You can download the story here

Enjoy and check back in a few days for Issue 3, or join our mailing list by sending blank e-mail to


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Fish Custard Fanzine Christmas Party! FFAC10

As a fanzine with readers all over the world, it's very difficult to get everyone in the same place at the same time! So why not join us on our Facebook Group on the 20th of this month, for some chats, laughs and speculation about this year's Christmas episode? You can post anything you like, just make sure you bring your own drink(s)!

We'll be on ALL DAY to give everyone a chance to join in, so don't be shy and say hello!

Just add yourself to our event page here or just turn up on the day!

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

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Issue 3 Preview - Interview With A David Tennant Fangirl

Issue 3 is coming very soon.  In the meantime, we can bring you a preview of what could prove to be the most controversial article we've ran in our short history, as we interview some David Tennant Fangirls on the man, his role and the aftermath of his departure.  (Actually, it's not that controversial. But if it's good enough for Heat Magazine, it's good enough for us!)

We have more interviews with a few DT fangirls in Issue 3, but as a preview, here is a interview that we enjoyed!  Thanks to McFangirl for her views!

How did you discover Doctor Who?

The first time around was at about age six (1981). It would come on after Saturday morning cartoons. The opening sequence with Tom Baker's head and the psychedelic look/sound of it was just plain creepy and scared the crap out of me! Add to that the fact that I had never in my life heard a person speak British English before and quite frankly, I don't think I was ever able to sit through an entire episode. All this before any monsters ever graced the screen!

The second time around was a complete accident on my husband's part. He came in, sat down, grabbed the remote and started flipping through channels while I was reading something. He stopped on SyFy and started watching "some British sci-fi show called Doctor Who". It was about a quarter of the way into The Sontaran Stratagem. I remember saying "Doctor Who? I remember watching some of that when I was little! Looks like they remade it or something. Huh...". Next thing I know, the Doctor is making fun of General Staal the not-quite-so-undefeated-but-nevermind and we laughed so hard we knew this was going to be a really good show! Long story short, the next Saturday night couldn't come soon enough! And the next one, and the next one and...

At this juncture, there is something I'd like to address before moving on the the next question. During that first episode we caught, right through to the end of Series 4 (give or take a couple of Series 3 episodes), what we saw in David Tennant was a brilliant actor with undeniable charisma that had us totally believing he was this wonderful, self-sacrificing alien who traveled around the universe in a time machine. It wasn't until ten (somewhat out of order) episodes later, during the scene where the Doctor is checking out his new incarnation's outfit out in the mirror in The Christmas Invasion, that I was completely swept off my feet by David Tennant. I became a Doctor Who fan way before I fell in love with David Tennant, the actor. I wasn't just watching the show for the hot guy.

Why do you think Fangirls like David Tennant so much?

Your question alone makes me smile; you are acknowledging that women adore David Tennnant. I think that at first glance, the draw is his charisma. Let's be honest, David is not your stereotypical hunky actor but yet there is something about him that even many a heterosexual man can sense. That something is charisma.

Charisma aside, he's extremely sexy (Those eyes! That hair!) and a beautiful person both inside and out. He's the anti-hunk - the geeky girl's pin-up boy! He's the anti-celebrity - he owns the car I almost bought, for goodness sakes, and doesn't have anyone telling him how to dress.

David doesn't have a big ego; he's as humble a human as they come. He never tries to be someone he's not and actually embraces his geekiness! How refreshing is that?!

What’s your favourite Doctor Who episode with David as The Doctor?

Favourite? Hmmm... Not sure exactly what that implies. Favourite as in the one I like the most or the one which I think came together the best or the one in which I thought Tennant hit it out of the park or how about the one in which Tennant looked the hottest?

I'll go with my two standard response episodes because they tend cover almost every facet mentioned above & then some but somehow always manage to end up in a tie - The Runaway Bride and Utopia. As for the one in which I thought Tennant did the best acting, that is also a tie but this time between three episodes - The Waters of Mars, The End of Time, Part 1 & Part 2.

Do you think David left Doctor Who too early, or do you think the time was right for him to try other roles?

I think David left the show at the right time. He left when he was still loved the world over and he was given the biggest & best send off ever. Even the U.S. got a chance to see him off via the 2009 San Diego Comic-Con! To change gears a bit, I don't know if David would've be a good fit for the team that's currently running Doctor Who so I'm really glad he decided to leave when Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner both moved on.

As for David trying different roles, he had been trying different roles while he was starring in Doctor Who. He now has time to do far more though and for that I am very grateful. I'm always thrilled to see him take his talents (and hair!) in different directions!

On a side note, I wanted to touch upon his "failed U.S. TV pilot", Rex Is Not Your Lawyer. The U.K. media twisted and completely distorted the reality of the situation. They made it out to look like Tennant didn't have what it took to anchor a series in the U.S. which is grossly inaccurate. The truth of it is that the majority of pilots made in the U.S. for TV are NOT picked up and of those that are picked up many are dropped several episodes in. The fact that the pilot did not make the cut is completely insignificant and does not bear any weight on Tennant's talents from American TV-viewing point of view.

“I don’t want to go” Lovely last line or a bit or a wimpy end to David’s reign as The Doctor?

I think the line, not only the way it’s written but also in its delivery, was fitting. This was a man who had struggled with his demons for a long time and would often be seen going back and forth between happy-go-lucky moments and dark moments. He loved being himself and loathed it at the same time. In the end, he accepted his inevitable fate bravely while one last time giving us a glimpse of that emotional depth and vulnerability that heavily characterized David's Doctor.

Russell T. Davies wrote the Tenth Doctor's final scene in a way that allowed us to empathize with him. We went along on the emotional ride towards his regeneration and the last line was our prize because, much like this Doctor, we didn't want him to go either. It brought David's era to a close brilliantly and allowed us to share that last moment with David himself who loved this job more than any other job in the world.

What’s your favourite other David Tennant role and why?

My other favourite David Tennant role would have to be Detective Inspector Peter Carlisle in Blackpool. Much like the Tenth Doctor, this character was given the opportunity to become well-developed which of course has to do with the fact the series was six episodes long. I think Tennant really benefits from taking on long-running series and/or feature-length films because it gives him the chance to really sink his teeth into a character and reveal different facets of the same person. He's a genius at it! David's native Scottish accent was also a major draw not only for the knee-weakening factor but simply because it makes the character that much more believable being an extension of David himself

Would you call yourself a ‘David Tennant Fangirl’ rather than a ‘Doctor Who Fangirl’?

I think it's fair to call me both - sort of. I call myself a David Tennant fangirl but refer to myself as a Doctor Who fan. Why the difference? I no longer obsess over the show the way I used to when David was the Doctor. That passion is now channelled into following David's career and enjoying his new work.

Yes, I began loving the show first but soon realized that the actor was far more than just "the current Doctor Who" as the media would erroneously refer to him. He is easily the most talented British actor of my generation and I am proud to be his contemporary and fangirl! Likewise, Doctor Who is much more than just the Tenth Doctor but for me it has lost a great deal of its appeal since David's departure. That's not to say I don't run to watch it now but I think David's portrayal is what made the show so special for me and it has definitely lost that magical spark in my eyes.

What do you think of Matt Smith and the view shared by some fans that David was ‘irreplaceable’ as The Doctor?

I think I already addressed the first part of this question in the last response so I'll move on to the 'irreplaceable' part.

Yes, I think David was irreplaceable. Why? Because no other actor who's played the role before or since him to date has wanted to have this role his whole life. The passion and soul that David brought to his portrayal as the Tenth Doctor is unlike anything I've seen before in any actor/character relationship on any show. I never felt like I was watching an actor doing a fantastic job; I always felt like I was watching the living, breathing man from Gallifrey and that's something I don't think any other actor will ever be able to even attempt to replicate.

To me David Tennant IS the Doctor, not an actor portraying a character.

While I'm on the topic something rather interesting was experienced by many Tennant fans while viewing his latest work, Single Father. There is a scene in one of the episodes where David's character, Dave, delivers two phrases that sound exactly like the Tenth Doctor. David was clearly not attempting to bring the Doctor into this completely different character/production but it happened. I gasped and teared up during that scene. It served to reassure me that the Tenth Doctor is alive and well within David. I think the Tenth Doctor really was far more 'David' than I think even David himself would ever be willing to admit.

You’ve been body-swapped into Rose’s scruffy apparel for the day. Where would you go with the 10th Doctor, in the TARDIS and why?

Ewww! Becoming Rose would be a nightmare! Heh heh...

Where would I go? Does the TARDIS have to go somewhere? Couldn't we just do something in the TARDIS instead? HAH!

Maybe we'd go to an orphanage, defeat some creature and finish off by placing every child with loving, patient and understanding parents. I'm not joking but I know that wouldn't make for a very exciting episode. Hmmm... Oh, I know! We would go befriend a young Scottish boy named David McDonald and all three of us could work together to fight off some menacing creatures and save the world! That would totally make that young lad's day!

And finally…If you could dedicate a song on the radio to David, what will it be?

Can I choose two? I'm going to choose two.

For David - Round & Round by BodyRockers

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Happy 47th Birthday Doctor Who!

It's amazing to say that a television show we love so much is still on our screens, 47 years after the first episode aired.  It all started on the 23rd November 1963 with William Hartnell and An Unearthly Child.

I've chosen clips from Blue Peter's coverage of Doctor Who's 10th Anniversary, if only for Peter Purves' (who played Steven Taylor in the Hartnell era) comment in part 2 at 4.36 "It's nice to know that when actors come and actors go, Doctor Who seems to live forever".  And you know what?  That's absolutely spot on.

So today, I urge you to whack your favourite episode on and enjoy, the best television program ever made.

Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

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Join Our Mailing List!

Work on Issue 3 is going swimmingly (as a posh person would say) and should be available to purchase as a paper copy in the first week of December, with the download coming 10 days or so later.

And speaking of downloads, I understand that some people have problems with the download site that we host the issues on.  So with that in mind, I have set up a 'mailing list' (basically a group on a e-mail account, but I'm a fanzine editor - I'm expected to big things up!) so you will receive your copies on your cyber doormats, without having to endure any pop-ups of a 'musclar gentleman'.

All you need to do is to send a blank e-mail to I will also send you some fanzine news from time-time, but I promise not to spam.  To be honest, we're a lazy bunch here at Fish Custard Towers anyway, so spamming doesn't appeal to us!

For those who enjoy muscular gentlemen DON'T WORRY as we will continue posting the issues on the download site, for you to download at your leisure.  I just wanted an alternative, to make sure the fanzine reaches as many Doctor Who fans as possible!  So please tell your friends/family too (although, leave the muscular gentlemen bit out...unless they like that kind of thing)



P.S. For those who want me to send them copies of 1 & 2 via e-mail, send me your request via the address above.

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Blue Box 2

Fish Custard Fanzine is featured in the new Issue of Grant Bull's 'Blue Box Fanzine' which is available to purchase in print (£1.50 UK/£2.50 Overseas) from (When I say featured, it's me and a few other fanzine editors, but it's always nice to know about these things!)
Blue Box is a cracking read and I would urge you to snap up a copy.  It's retro, b+w, photocopied and full of Doctor Who love (as all fanzines should be!).  Apart from my bit (which is the main selling point, obviously!) there are Series 5 reviews, a look at The Horror of Fang Rock as well as a comic and some great art!

Anyway, back to work on Issue 3 I go!



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Issue 3 and The Future!

I'm currently working on Issue 3 of Fish Custard and hope to have paper copies out in the first week of December. It's shaping up very nicely at the moment and I'm looking forward to getting it out there for you all to read! You can also still order some paper copies of Issue 2, from the blue link thing on the right!

Meanwhile, if you have anything you would like to see published in the fanzine, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at We're also discussing Series 4 of The Sarah Jane Adventures over at our Facebook Group, so again, don't hesitate to join in if you have any views on the series!



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Issue 2 Production Notes

The trick to producing fanzines, on time and brimming with content, is making sure you plan ahead. I had made sure that almost half of Issue 2 was written, before I had even finished Issue 1! It’s easy just to bung in random stuff in an issue, but it’s more difficult to find the right balance, in terms of the styles and subjects of the articles. One of the things I want the fanzine to do, is to introduce the people who have become fans during the series post-2005, to look back at the vast history of Doctor Who and learn. It’s the most fascinating thing I find about the program, even more so than the actual episodes themselves! Hopefully, during the run of the fanzine, we’ll be able to delve more into this rich, illustrious history which makes Doctor Who more than just a television program.

On a similar vein, I also enjoy reading accounts of fans from outside of the UK. The article in Issue 2 from Tom Spychalski, about his childhood spent watching Doctor Who via PBS, are very educational in this era where people don’t appreciate the lengths to which people went to watch their favourite programs. It’s so easy today to get something via download (legal or illegal) or On-Demand. I’ve heard many a tale from North American fans who spent all day playing with a television aerial, just to watch something that was broadcast 10 years earlier on BBC 1! If you’re reading this and live outside of the UK/US/Canada, I would be fascinated to read your stories of how you discovered Doctor Who and what you do to watch it.

The cover photo of Issue 2 is something of a tale in itself. I was there when that was taken, in fact – if you look in between the photo and Georgia Moffet’s face, you can see my nose in the background. If you want more information about the how’s and why’s of this tale – check out Issue 3! That’s all I’m saying.

I feel I’m getting into my stride as a fanzine editor now. The writing is becoming a lot easier and I’ve already got articles ready for Issue 4 (out in 2011!) If you’re reading this having only downloaded the PDF, please consider supporting the fanzine by grabbing yourself a paper copy. It really is much better than reading something off a computer screen or phone! I’m making no profit from this (in fact, I’d be delighted just to break even!), none of us are, we’re just trying to promote fan-writing and the ‘retro’ way of doing things.

Actually, I think that sums up Doctor Who – fan written and retro!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I've just recently had a review of the Virgin New Adventures novel 'Timewyrm: Genesis' published in Issue 8 of The Terrible Zodin.

Free to download, TTZ has gained great popularity among Who-fans for it's original art, articles and honest opinion. Although generally written for female fans, the fanzine has contributions from (and for) the more-traditional Doctor Who fans (i.e - Men!). In fact, this Issue has been guest-edited by Jamie Beckwith, which explains why it's got more pages than The Da Vinci Code!

Anyway, enough waffling on - you can download the Issue here. Oh and look out for the review of Fish Fingers and Custard Issue 1, by Rassilon's Rod's David MacGowan in there too!

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Issue 2 - Download NOW!

Issue 2 of Fish Fingers and Custard is available to download now!

In this Issue:

"Series 5 Reviews"

"Proms Report"


"Where Should Classic Doctor Who Have Ended?"

"Memories of PBS Plegde Drives"

"The Latest Tabloid Newspaper Rumours"

And Much More!

You can download the 40-page PDF here

Please help support the fanzine by buying a paper copy of the Issue here (and very nice it is too!)

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Issue 2 Preview

Issue 2 is now out in print and available to purchase! The free download will be available next week. So in the is a little something from Issue 2 to wet your appetite!


Matt Smith Is Rubbish And Is Getting Sacked

Doctor Who fans have seemingly got their way. A bloke I spoke to down the pub reckons that Matt Smith will be sacked as Doctor Who, because ‘he isn’t as good as David Tennant and the geeks don’t like him’. Message Boards have been awash with calls for the actor, 16, to be booted out. I must say that I agree with them, as the internet is never wrong. Not that I steal anything off there and publish it here, mind.

Despite smashing all records for most views on the BBC IPlayer and viewing figures on BBC America, SPACE and some Australian channel (not to mention the upturn in profits of DVD’s, books and other merchandise) the interest in Doctor Who is at an all-time low and I know this because my ‘insider’ said so (well, she told my mum at the bingo anyway). Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Matt Smith nerds!

It’s not been a great week for the outgoing Time Lad, as our snappers caught him hanging outside a public lavatory this week (see above). The dirty beast!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Issue 2 - Out NOW!

Issue 2 of Fish Fingers and Custard is available to buy now!

In this Issue:

"Series 5 Reviews"

"Proms Report"


"Where Should Classic Doctor Who Have Ended?"

"Memories of PBS Plegde Drives"

"The Latest Tabloid Newspaper Rumours"

And Much More!

The prices (including P+P) are as follows:

UK: £2.00

Overseas: £3.00

You can order a copy by Paypal, just send all monies to along with your name and address. (Please can you send the payment as a gift, so that the fanzine is able to receive 100% , rather than Paypal taking their cut and leaving us out of pocket! You can leave your details in the personal message section)

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A Postcard From Hamsterdam (FFAC9)

While the work for Issue 2 was on-going here at Fish Custard Towers, we received a postcard from columnist (and ex-Doctor Who actor) Harry Sedgewick, who went to visit the Dutch capital - 2 months ago.

Greeting’s Hoovers! (Is that the right term?)

Anyhow, I’m currently on business In Hamsterdam and I’m not really sure when I’ll get back. I’m currently a guest of the Chief at the local Regiokorpsen, here in this wonderful city.

I arrived here to do a bit of acting work/pick up something for my boss, then it all got a little bit naughty with the customs and I’m currently sharing a cell with someone called ‘Rose’. No, it’s not Catherine Tate’s character – it’s actually a big hairy fella, who can’t speak a word of English. I think he’s from Scotland. No, wait, he can’t be - he’s too gentle, especially at night.

What else have I been up to? Well, I only have to say the name ‘Hamsterdam’ and you’ll probably think I’ve been picking flowers and riding bikes. Well, I have been doing something like that, but with the local women instead. Shame I lost my wallet!

Anyway, I’ve got to go - Big Rose wants another game of Buckaroo. Just don’t ask what we’re using to play.

See you soon...hopefully!

Harry x

Harry's adventures, continue on Twitter at

Sunday, 5 September 2010

A Bit of Benny While You Wait...

The deadline has passed and I'm busy getting Issue 2 ready, so you can treat your lovely eyes to it in the next week or two!

In the meantime, Fish Custard Towers are MASSIVE Bernice Summerfield fans and are delighted with the latest addition to the series. For those who don't know, Benny is a spin-off character from the Virgin New Adventures novels from the 90's. She's a sexy, tough and hard-drinking archaeologist from the 26th Century. So you can see why we like her. Benny went on to appear in her own book series and eventually, on audio (played by Lisa 'Cheetah Person' Bowerman). The audios have been running for well over a decade now and to celebrate the launch of Series 11, Big Finish have knocked up a 10-minute CGI short, entitled 'Dead and Buried', for you to enjoy.

The first audio in the series 'Resurrecting the Past' is available from Big Finish later this month. You can order any of the Benny back-catalogue from

Check back soon for more news on Issue 2!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Fanzines Are Cool! (FFAC8)

Thanks to Fish Custard Fanzine reader Rebecca Holbourn (@2cajuman2) for giving me a nice surprise on Twitter, with a photo of herself enjoying Issue 1 of the fanzine, along with a Matt Smith-style fez!

Fanzines ARE cool!

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Subscribe To Fish Fingers and Custard!

I’m delighted to announce that you can now subscribe to the paper copies of the fanzine.

  • You will receive the fanzine as soon as it leaves the printer! (Obviously, we’ll put it in an envelope first!) a week or two BEFORE the PDF copy is released!

  • You will have your name printed in the fanzine!

  • You will have the knowledge that you are supporting the fanzine and keeping the tradition of paper-based fanzines alive!

  • Plus some other surprise bonuses…look out for them!

The Price
UK: £8. Rest of the World: £13. The price includes postage and packing. Each subscription starts from the NEXT issue to be released (for example, if you subscribe now, you will receive Issue 2 when released, not Issue 1. If you subscribe when Issue 2 has been released, you will receive Issue 3 etc).

You can subscribe to 4 issues (about a year's worth) by PayPal, please send all monies to and please send the money as a ‘gift’. (and don't forget to include your name and address!)


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Monday, 26 July 2010

Fanzine UPDATE!!!

If you've not got your copy of Fish Fingers and Custard yet, then why not? You can download a FREE PDF copy here

Alternatively, you can order a paper copy, with full colour, glossy covers (the paper was on special offer in a local stationers, ahem) here

I've only got 20 or so left, so this is your chance to own a piece of history. And to also help me get some of my money back! For £2 (UK) £3 (Rest of the World) you can't really knock it. Doctor Who Magazine costs about a fiver after all, and they don't even swear or have a washed-up ex-actor as a columnist! (erm, well....)

In the meantime, my army of Toclafane and I, have been working on Issue 2 (out in September) so if you've got anything you would like to contribute (and I mean ANYTHING) feel free to contact me at the deadline is 3RD SEPTEMBER.

In other news, I would like to thank The Doctor Who Newspage, The TARDIS Newsroom, The Gallifreyan Embassy, Jamie of The Terrible Zodin and Tony of the Flashing Blade Podcast for giving us plugs. If you can help to spread the word in any way, I would be eternally grateful. Much like the 'Pizza Planet Aliens' from Toy Story, but not as cute


Thursday, 22 July 2010


Issue 2 of Fish Fingers and Custard is out…soon!

The main thing that we need for Issue 2 is reviews of series 5/whatever you call it. Now being the odd fanzine we are, I’m asking for your reviews to be no more than 300 words. I think this method will produce some interesting views, as well as keeping the page count below 200!

If you're not into reviews, then I'll accept ANYTHING else. This includes the following: informative essays on the show, convention reports, short stories, poems, jokes, comics, women’s underwear, wads of cash etc. Although, depending on how much STUFF I get, I may hold some pieces back for future issues. Or be in a drink-induced coma. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

You can e-mail your STUFF to us at

Cheers and I hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Issue 1 Production Notes

Before doing this fanzine, I always thought that the most difficult part would be getting the material together to make an issue. In fact the most problematic aspect was trying to get the printing of the paper verison done for a reasonable price! The most charming thing about old-fashioned fanzines, I find, is that they are done on a shoestring budget, often using household items to make their issues!

It might be a lot easier today to design a fanzine, but the printing of them still presents people with a big problem. I decided early on during the inception of this fanzine, that I would do it the old-fashioned way. Okay, I don't have a printing-press, but what I do have is a home PC and a 4 year-old printer! That is all I needed.

Suddenly, I found myself using 'advanced' maths, calculating how much ink and paper I would need! I wanted the cover price of the fanzine to be pretty cheap, so I set the price at £1.50, which should see me more-or-less break even. I'm under no illusions that I'll probably lose money doing this, but what's a tenner when your having fun writing, design, printing and posting your own fanzine?

I'm really proud with how Issue 1 has turned out and I would urge you to get yourself a paper copy (details here) because with the full-colour glossy covers (which is actually photo paper, that I bought cheap!), it looks really good! I do need a lot of practice with a stapler and folding, so apologises if your issue is folded a centimetre too much!

The most pleasing thing about getting this issue out, is that I already know how and where to improve. I can promise you that issue 2 will be A LOT better, in terms of content and being folded in the right place! I'm really looking forward to it, so please show your support, grab yourself a copy, so I can get on with making issue 2! Oh and reimburse myself, so I can go for a few pints in the pub!

If you have any feedback/contributions/information, please don't hesitate to e-mail the fanzine at and one of my overly-keen, hunchbacked staff will e-mail you back. Not really, it'll be me!



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Print Copies NOW AVAILABLE!!!


After a short delay, I'm delighted to announce that the print copies of Issue 1 of 'Fish Fingers and Custard' are now available.

The full colour glossy covers give the fanzine a great look and I'm delighted with how it's turned out. I need practice with a stapler though, but that's another story for another time!

The prices (including P+P) are as follows:

UK: £2.00
Overseas: £3.00

You can order a copy by Paypal, just send all monies to along with your name and address. (Please can you send the payment as a gift, so that the fanzine is able to receive 100% , rather than Paypal taking their cut and leaving us out of pocket! You can leave your details in the personal message section)

Cheers and happy reading!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Fish Fingers and Custard - Issue 1 OUT NOW!

It’s here…and it’s about time!

Issue 1 of Fish Fingers and Custard, a Doctor Who fanzine that takes a light-hearted look at the show and its fandom.

In this issue:

The Eleventh Hour Review
The infamous ‘PBS Hijacking Incident’
Interview with Doctor Who Podshock’s Louis Trapani
‘Cracks’ an original 11th Doctor story
Invasion Convention review
‘The Doctor In Wonderland’
“It Could Have Been A Spin-off”

Plus: Actor Harry Sedgewick pens his own exclusive column

And much, much more!

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Not Long Now...

Not long to go now until the release of Issue 1 of Fish Fingers and Custard. I’m very happy with the way the issue has taken shape. We’ve got some really funny (that’s what I think in my head anyway) and informative articles and stories, as well as two comic strips, which I had to literally beg for!

I realise it’s going to take time for the fanzine to hit its stride (and hope you do too!), but one thing I’m hoping Issue 1 will do, is to encourage people to write for the fanzine, as well as getting involved with fandom more. There’s plenty of talented Doctor Who fans out there, whose work doesn’t get the audience it deserves and that’s one aspect I like of fanzines – we are able to showcase people’s work, give it a platform as well as it giving the issue a bit more quality!

Now if you’re expecting a fanzine that contains Doctor Who Magazine-style features, then you’ll be disappointed. I want the fanzine to bring something different to the fanzine community, something light-hearted, something not serious, something that isn’t afraid of lampooning the fans or asking questions of the current state of the show. At the same time however, I want it to be informative, as well as offering balanced and honest views on a wide variety on Doctor Who subjects.

Issue 1 contains contributions from Doctor Who fans from all over the world. I’m sure it’ll sink in properly one day, but it’s quite staggering to see I’ve typed that. I can’t thank people enough for taking interest and/or contributing to the fanzine. I just hope that people enjoy reading and ‘get’ what I’m trying to do!

As well as the free PDF, a paper-version will also be released. At the moment I’m still fretting over the budget but I’m confident everything will be done on time! Stay tuned for details, but the price has been set at £1.50 (+ P+P) for a fanzine that has full-colour glossy covers. A bargain, if you prefer reading something on the toilet! (*waits for a smart arse to comment about how you can put PDF’s on an IPhone!*)

Fish Fingers and Custard will be released during the coming week. Stay tuned to here or follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook Group for future updates.

For more information/how to contribute/offers of dates/offers of cash - please e-mail us at


Friday, 18 June 2010

Coming VERY Soon...

Look out for Issue 1 of 'Fish Fingers and Custard' next week.

(Beer not included, as I would have drunk it all)

Monday, 17 May 2010

Update and Promo!

Things are coming together nicely at the moment, I've had a lot of people who have been interested in contributing and I'm so grateful! You can still send in your work (still need a comic!!!) for the first issue, the deadline is the 2nd June.

In the meantime, here is a promo that I knocked up in about 5 seconds! Feel free to share it/draw abusive words on it using Ms Paint, its up to you! ;)

(click here to view full size)


E-mail in your stuff!
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Monday, 10 May 2010

Now on Facebook!

In the build-up to the first issue, the fanzine now has its very own Facebook group! Apart from it being a non-stop advertising machine, I want the group to create a little bit of a community! So feel free to pop in for chats and spam the wall with stuff of your choice! You can join the group here

Don't forget you can still contribute to the fanzine, email me at



Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dates, Covers and Tweets!

Okay, I can confirm that issue 1 will be out 'sometime in June'! So far the issue is coming along very nicely but I still need more stuff! So if you have/can knock up anything Doctor Who-realted, please drop me a line at

Speaking of that first issue - here is a sneak peak of the front cover!

Finally - you can stalk the fanzine on twitter at if you're into that sort of thing! ;)



Sunday, 2 May 2010

Coming Soon/Contributors Wanted!

Hi guys!

I'm currently putting together a new A5 paper fanzine which I hope to have out in the next few weeks! At the moment I’m just looking for any Doctor Who-related material! The Fanzine has the working title 'Fish Fingers and Custard' (wonder why?) and will be mostly a fun look at Doctor Who fandom. Obviously most of the stuff will be poking light-hearted fun at all things WHO but I would love to have three or four serious articles per issue! I'll be also putting together a PDF verision too!

So be it a short story, poems, essays, reviews, convention reports, interviews, drawings, cartoons or comics - I’ll have it! Obviously written work must be presented in clear English etc However if you're an artist/cartoonist - I’m only interested in b/w art at the moment! If you’ve got an article/essay can you please make it no more than two sides of A4 (or 4 sides of A5)

If you're interested in contributing/want more info, drop me a line at

More info to be posted here in due course!