Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dates, Covers and Tweets!

Okay, I can confirm that issue 1 will be out 'sometime in June'! So far the issue is coming along very nicely but I still need more stuff! So if you have/can knock up anything Doctor Who-realted, please drop me a line at fishcustardfanzine@googlemail.com

Speaking of that first issue - here is a sneak peak of the front cover!

Finally - you can stalk the fanzine on twitter at www.twitter.com/fishcustardzine if you're into that sort of thing! ;)




  1. I hate to do this.

    Really I do.

    But equally I'd for no-one to tell you, so...

    It's the "It's behind you" issue. Not "Its".

    Sorry again for the grammar nazism :p looks great! Can't wait to read :D

  2. Yeah I already knew about it, don't worry it's (or its? :p) been changed for the actual cover! ;)