Monday, 26 July 2010

Fanzine UPDATE!!!

If you've not got your copy of Fish Fingers and Custard yet, then why not? You can download a FREE PDF copy here

Alternatively, you can order a paper copy, with full colour, glossy covers (the paper was on special offer in a local stationers, ahem) here

I've only got 20 or so left, so this is your chance to own a piece of history. And to also help me get some of my money back! For £2 (UK) £3 (Rest of the World) you can't really knock it. Doctor Who Magazine costs about a fiver after all, and they don't even swear or have a washed-up ex-actor as a columnist! (erm, well....)

In the meantime, my army of Toclafane and I, have been working on Issue 2 (out in September) so if you've got anything you would like to contribute (and I mean ANYTHING) feel free to contact me at the deadline is 3RD SEPTEMBER.

In other news, I would like to thank The Doctor Who Newspage, The TARDIS Newsroom, The Gallifreyan Embassy, Jamie of The Terrible Zodin and Tony of the Flashing Blade Podcast for giving us plugs. If you can help to spread the word in any way, I would be eternally grateful. Much like the 'Pizza Planet Aliens' from Toy Story, but not as cute


Thursday, 22 July 2010


Issue 2 of Fish Fingers and Custard is out…soon!

The main thing that we need for Issue 2 is reviews of series 5/whatever you call it. Now being the odd fanzine we are, I’m asking for your reviews to be no more than 300 words. I think this method will produce some interesting views, as well as keeping the page count below 200!

If you're not into reviews, then I'll accept ANYTHING else. This includes the following: informative essays on the show, convention reports, short stories, poems, jokes, comics, women’s underwear, wads of cash etc. Although, depending on how much STUFF I get, I may hold some pieces back for future issues. Or be in a drink-induced coma. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

You can e-mail your STUFF to us at

Cheers and I hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Issue 1 Production Notes

Before doing this fanzine, I always thought that the most difficult part would be getting the material together to make an issue. In fact the most problematic aspect was trying to get the printing of the paper verison done for a reasonable price! The most charming thing about old-fashioned fanzines, I find, is that they are done on a shoestring budget, often using household items to make their issues!

It might be a lot easier today to design a fanzine, but the printing of them still presents people with a big problem. I decided early on during the inception of this fanzine, that I would do it the old-fashioned way. Okay, I don't have a printing-press, but what I do have is a home PC and a 4 year-old printer! That is all I needed.

Suddenly, I found myself using 'advanced' maths, calculating how much ink and paper I would need! I wanted the cover price of the fanzine to be pretty cheap, so I set the price at £1.50, which should see me more-or-less break even. I'm under no illusions that I'll probably lose money doing this, but what's a tenner when your having fun writing, design, printing and posting your own fanzine?

I'm really proud with how Issue 1 has turned out and I would urge you to get yourself a paper copy (details here) because with the full-colour glossy covers (which is actually photo paper, that I bought cheap!), it looks really good! I do need a lot of practice with a stapler and folding, so apologises if your issue is folded a centimetre too much!

The most pleasing thing about getting this issue out, is that I already know how and where to improve. I can promise you that issue 2 will be A LOT better, in terms of content and being folded in the right place! I'm really looking forward to it, so please show your support, grab yourself a copy, so I can get on with making issue 2! Oh and reimburse myself, so I can go for a few pints in the pub!

If you have any feedback/contributions/information, please don't hesitate to e-mail the fanzine at and one of my overly-keen, hunchbacked staff will e-mail you back. Not really, it'll be me!



Thursday, 1 July 2010

Print Copies NOW AVAILABLE!!!


After a short delay, I'm delighted to announce that the print copies of Issue 1 of 'Fish Fingers and Custard' are now available.

The full colour glossy covers give the fanzine a great look and I'm delighted with how it's turned out. I need practice with a stapler though, but that's another story for another time!

The prices (including P+P) are as follows:

UK: £2.00
Overseas: £3.00

You can order a copy by Paypal, just send all monies to along with your name and address. (Please can you send the payment as a gift, so that the fanzine is able to receive 100% , rather than Paypal taking their cut and leaving us out of pocket! You can leave your details in the personal message section)

Cheers and happy reading!