Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I've just recently had a review of the Virgin New Adventures novel 'Timewyrm: Genesis' published in Issue 8 of The Terrible Zodin.

Free to download, TTZ has gained great popularity among Who-fans for it's original art, articles and honest opinion. Although generally written for female fans, the fanzine has contributions from (and for) the more-traditional Doctor Who fans (i.e - Men!). In fact, this Issue has been guest-edited by Jamie Beckwith, which explains why it's got more pages than The Da Vinci Code!

Anyway, enough waffling on - you can download the Issue here. Oh and look out for the review of Fish Fingers and Custard Issue 1, by Rassilon's Rod's David MacGowan in there too!

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  1. Haha thanks for the plug mate. Hope you liked the review.