Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Issue 8 - OUT NOW!!!


The final Issue of 2011 - and if the death threats I've been receiving are to be believed - it is the last Issue EVER!

(So we've pulled out all the stops!)

In This Issue

  • Series 6 (Part 2) Reviews
  • Convention reports from London and Sydney!
  • It's Been A Wonderful Adventure - Was The Sarah Jane Adventures a success?
  • The Other Season 12 - What would it be like if Jon Pertwee had have stayed on?
  • Dress Karen Gillan - YOUR chance to finger her knick-knacks
  • And Much More (honest)

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Issue 8 - Prices

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Happy 48th Birthday Doctor Who!

It's this point of the year where Doctor Who fans all over the world dig out their old episodes and celebrate the birthday of our favourite programme.  Not many television programmes can have such an hold over their viewers, which just shows how successful it is.  Who would have thought that 8-episode children's show would last 48 years and be so loved all around the world?

Like last year, we've done some digging around and are proud to present a interview with Tom Baker, Mary Tamm and Carole Ann Ford, on Nationwide in 1978 - Doctor Who's 15th anniversary.  Tom is on top form and its well worth checking out!

Enjoy and make sure you watch an episode later!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Read All The Issues Online!

We're delighted to announce that you can now read all the back Issues of the fanzine online by clicking one of the links below. Or alternatively, by clicking 'Issues' on the left of this page.

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Friday, 11 November 2011

Cash Cows Go To Cardiff!

As I write this, the BBC (or BBC Worldwide) have dropped a bollock by announcing an official convention, with Matt Smith and Steven Moffat. Great news! Well, not really. To get into the convention, you have to part with £99 which doesn’t include autographs (£20/25 per signature, depending on whichever person you want to sign) and photographs at the same price.  All that is before you have to think about travel to and from Cardiff, food, drink and all mounts up. I’m not for one minute saying that you shouldn’t go, as that’s up to you, but surely you can see that this is just a blatant rip-off? Using Doctor Who as a tool to rake in money in the most obscene way possible – by ripping off the very people who love it.

And I’ve not even mentioned the best bit yet – Children aren’t really welcome...

You heard me right, Children and Families - the very people the show is made for, are NOT advised to attend. What does the convention contain? Lapdancers with Cybermen masks on? I’m sorry, I just don’t understand. Doctor Who is supposed to be for EVERYONE, not just those adults fortunate enough to have bags of money at their disposal. Of course the FAQ’s section of the site gives some half-arsed excuses such as ‘it’ll spoil the magic’. Or perhaps the opportunity to fleece adults with cash on the hip, is too good to turn down?

It’s interesting to note that the last official conventions (in Longleat in the 1980’s) were affordable for all (the equivalent of around a tenner today) and children were permitted. Would it not be better to charge a reasonable price? It’s not as if they’ll be making any losses and the promotion it would give Doctor Who, as a franchise (I do despise that word) would mean that it’ll be received warmly and lauded by the public for giving them the opportunity to meet the stars from their favourite telly show. Instead, all they’re doing is alienating people and it really doesn’t help when they’re flogging tickets 6 weeks before Christmas either…

All of this has made me wonder why Doctor Who has become this cash cow that it doesn’t have to be. Success is a great thing, but it shouldn’t come to the extent that it alienates its loyal fans, the very people who keep it going. I’m not going to the official convention because I can’t afford it. Does that make me less of a fan? Am I missing out? Am I bollocks! I just hope that one day the BBC will think ‘Are we damaging our reputation by rolling out these events and charging prices which the normal working person can’t really afford?’ But they won’t, as they’ve got money to make. Expect another record year for the profits of BBC Worldwide in 2012 (and they’ll still be cutting budgets and sacking people!)

Sadly, fans will still pay it, as they are caught up in the corporate machine that tells them YOU’RE MISSING OUT if you don’t go. You don’t know you’re doing it, but you do. It’s like when you walk into a supermarket for some milk and come out with more items than you intended. It’s automatically there, ingrained in peoples minds “Oooh I’ll never get to see these people again”, you’ll think. You will see them again. It’s called waiting. Maybe if people said NO on principle, maybe the BBC might change their minds? But as I said, people will always pay it, desperate to see two people they see on television. It’ll sell out and the organisers will think its okay to continue to fleece Doctor Who fans, as ‘they’ll snap anything up’. Is there anyone that doesn’t think that’s not quite right? People will probably point out the exhibitions, the various demonstrations and Q&A’s make up for the price. Is that really worth £99 though? You could go to the Doctor Who Experience in London for a lot less. And we had Confidential for many years before the short-sighted decision to axe it. And at least kids could watch and learn from it. But did it spoil the magic for them, I wonder?

I’m in a mind to say: shove your convention up your arse BBC Worldwide, I’d much prefer to hand over cash for a proper fan convention, who actually CARE about the show and its fans.

But I won’t!